HOW TO: Care for Natural Hair under Braids, Kinky Twist...

After writing on this topic two years ago, (you can find the post here), I finally made a video for it. Protective styles are meant to give your hair a chance to grow and also to change Keep Reading

Natural Hair in Art- Yagazie Emezi (Yagalifefacts)

Yagalifefacts It’s Friday loves and my artist of the week is Yagazie Emezi. If you watch her on YouTube or follow her on Instagram you can tell what a straight forward and down-to-earth person she is. Personally Keep Reading

DIY Moisturizing Deep Conditioner for Natural Hair

One of my lovely readers suggested I write more DIY posts and I totally agree with the idea. Not everyone always has that extra cash for natural hair products so it’s certainly okay to whip Keep Reading

WHITE BOX BRAIDS with Impression Super Braid

White Box Braids Three days before I installed my Impression Super Braid in White, I prepped my hair by; Shampooing with Phytolisse Perfect Smoothing Shampoo, Deep conditioned only my ends with Phytolisse Express Smoothing Masque and Keep Reading

Natural Hair 101- Hair Growth Cycle Simplified

Hair Growth Cycle   Image gotten from The Journal of Clinical Investigation. Hair Growth Cycle Each strand of our hair has its own follicle from which it grows from our scalp. We are expected to Keep Reading

Hairstyle for the Week: Double Flat Twists

Double Flat twists are super easy to do and take just 5 minutes. It’s perfect work and just plain lazy hair days. I also purposely flat twist my natural hair loosely because I want my Keep Reading

DIY Floral Crown

Hi lovelies! I couldn’t help but notice so many beautiful flowers blooming this past week, so I decided to make a DIY floral crown from some roses and lilies I picked from my compound. I Keep Reading

Natural Hair 101- Big Chop Vs Transistioning

Big Chop vs Transitioning Sometimes as a natural hair blogger I tend to assume that everyone knows what the big chop means or what transitioning means and that’s a big error on my part because, Keep Reading

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year lovelies! I hope you all enjoyed the holidays as well as I did. All glory and honor to God Almighty. I know most of you have new year resolutions and different hair Keep Reading

Flat Bantu Knots on Dry Natural Hair-2

I attempted flat Bantu knots on dry natural hair again after my previous attempt was not very successful. I also recorded it this time so I’ll attach a YouTube video link below. This time, I used Keep Reading