If you haven’t heard of the amazing benefits of Shea butter and Coconut oil here are 10 benefits of these natural goodies that you need to know.

Shea Butter

  1. If you want softer skin, shea butter is your best friend. 
    shea-butter-in-bowl-300x251 10 Benefits & Uses of Shea Butter and Coconut Oil
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  2. Shea butter is amazing for giving smooth skin.
  3. If you have a swelling, massage some shea butter goodness into it and it really helps!
  4. Apparently, it’s great for stretch marks too. If you’ve tried it for that purpose and it works for you, please share in the comment section.
  5. Shea butter is one of my favourite ingredients for DIY mixes.
  6. It’s got sunscreen too! Well a little natural sunscreen with an SPF of 4 but how amazing is that?
  7. Shea Butter contains vitamins and nutrients that help to naturally heal the skin. 
  8. It stimulates the natural production of collagen which helps with wrinkles. 
  9. It soothes insect bites. (Yup! I can attest to this).
  10. Shea butter provides that thick layer of natural butter that helps keep natural hair moisturised for longer when used as a sealant. 


Coconut Oil

  1. I love coconut oil that’s why I sell it in large quantities. It’s the absolute best when it comes to choosing a healthier oil for cooking. It has less cholesterol and the human body absorbs it 4 times faster than those terrible ‘killer’ commercial oils sold at supermarkets.
    Coconut-Oil-300x200 10 Benefits & Uses of Shea Butter and Coconut Oil
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  2. Coconut Oil is the only oil that can absorb into the hair shaft which literally makes it the king of all oils.
  3. It is superb as a hair mask or for use to make your hair shine!
  4. Coconut oil also has lots of antioxidants that help fight free radicals in your system that cause osteoporosis.
  5. Coconut oil is also said to work magic on eczema, extremely dry skin or dandruff. So if it’s worked for you, please let me know!
  6. It is quite an amazing makeup remover and is the best oil for oil pulling in my opinion.
  7. I read that it also has proven benefits to cure kidney infection, protects your liver, prevents the growth of cancer cells, heart disease and more.*
  8. Ever since my family and I began to use coconut oil to do our cooking, I have noticed I have more energy than before. So yes, it does improve your energy and endurance.
  9. Coconut Oil also prevents high blood pressure and halts Type 2 Diabetes which someone close to me suffers from.
  10. Following my previous point, I use it to cook, bake or fry anything I need and my food still tastes delicious. The brand I use for cooking is A’akuba Naturals Pure Coconut Oil, because I can buy very large quantities and assure its purity!


Do you have more benefits and uses of Shea Butter and Coconut Oil that have not been mentioned above? Share in the comment section below!



*Source Dr Axe