16 Myths, Hilarious Questions & Comments I get about my Natural Hair

I am very happy to be blessed with the privilege of educating people about natural hair and often times, I get the same reactions from different people. I am always keen to answer and dispel myths about natural hair at every opportunity and below are common natural hair questions, comments and myths I’ve been told about natural hair so far.

igbocurls.com_ 16 Myths, Hilarious Questions & Comments I get about my Natural Hair
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  1. Is that your hair??- It’s quite common for me to get this question especially since a lot of African women don’t wear their natural hair out regularly so I’m always eager to say yes, and encourage them to go natural.
  2. Why is it so full? – Some women of African decent have 2-3 hair strands growing from one follicle so our hair is naturally voluminous.
  3. Is your hair virgin? – **Straight face** Yes it is.
  4. How do you maintain it?– I start talking about my whole regimen.
  5. How is your hair curly? It naturally grows out of my hair like that. Yours does the same too. You just have to stop relaxing your hair.
  6. Can I touch it? – Yes you can but are your hands clean?
  7. “Your hair is long oh, imagine if you put relaxer on it. It’ll be longer”.  No comment -_-
  8. Is your hair real?– Yes it is. Thank you! I can teach you to grow yours as well. Then I begin rambling about what he/she can do to grow their hair naturally. You can find some tips here.
  9. What kind of style is on your hair? Is it crochet or kinky braids?- Sorry its not a style. It’s actually my hair. My real hair.
  10. Your hair feels like cotton/wool.- I know! Thank you! It’s amazing what God blessed us with.
  11. My hair is more stubborn than yours. Nope! No such thing. If you give your hair the proper moisture it needs under a good haircare regimen, your hair should be as soft as cotton/wool as some people may say.
  12. You have naturally soft hair-FALSE! Read the answer above.
  13. Natural Hair is too hard. – FALSE again! Read the answer above.
  14. Are you mixed? Nope! 100% Nigerian.
  15. How do you comb your hair? – I comb my hair the opposite way you comb your hair, from ends to roots because my hair is curly.
  16. I can’t grow my natural hair, it’s just to hard. – It is all in the mind! You can do anything, (in this case growing your natural hair) so don’t discourage yourself before you consider it, rather educate yourself on it first and take the plunge. Who knows, you can have healthy waist length hair in just 3 years. 🙂

What kind of comments do you get about your natural hair and how do you respond to them? Please share below!