I turned 23 on the 17th of this month and I couldn’t be more grateful to God for giving me the privilege to witness a new year. I pray that HIS unconditional love and grace shall help me in the path that I am to fulfill in this life.

I celebrated my birthday last year by thanking God and mostly baking cakes and going out of my way to have them delivered to friends and family. So this year, I decided to stay in, praise God and spoil myself with ice cream.  😀 (Well that was the plan until the battle with my hair began. The post can be found here).  

As the day wore on, I returned home from my daily business to be surprised by a huge cake from Le Boo. 

It tastes as delicious as it looks. 

Soon after he left back to work, I got dressed and headed to the ice cream shop with my siblings in tow. Everyone was genuinely happy for me or was it for the ice cream? I hope not.

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Without a doubt, ice cream is definitely one of the best treats ever invented. 😀

When I got back home and danced away to Ginger by LAX ft Wizkid and Dorobucci by the Mavins until I got a headache and my combed out hair began to make me sweat more than normal.

Overall, I loved how my day turned out. I felt happy, extremely grateful and energised to begin another year. Getting older is a blessing and I pray continue to use my time on this earth to serve God righteously and love the people HE created.


Peace & Blessings,