25 Tips & Tricks for Growing and Maintaining Natural Hair

My four years natural hair length check is around the corner so I thought it will be helpful for me to write a list of some tips and tricks that have helped me retain my length and maintain my hair so far.

  1. Handle your hair in sections. Always handle your hair in sections, that way, all parts of your hair will be equally cared for.
  2. Apply shampoo only to your scalpWhat really needs to be washed is your scalp. Product build up is formed from your scalp and the lather from the shampoo easily cleanses the length of your hair.
  3. Add oil before shampooing aka Pre-poo. This step is very important for me as it completely softens my hair, makes detangling easier and reduces how much oil is lost during shampooing. I prefer to use extra virgin olive oil but I still love the benefits of coconut oil so I mix the two and let it sit in my hair under a shower cap for 10 minutes before shampooing.
  4. Place a satin scarf over your pillow. For those of you like my mum who cannot seem to get a scarf to stay on their hair while they sleep, simply place one on your pillow and you hair will still be fine by sunrise.
  5. Wash and condition your hair in twists. This trick gives me access to my scalp for proper shampooing and helps me manage my hair efficiently.
  6. Apply more conditioner to the ends of your hair. Concentrate more conditioner on the ends of your hair on wash day because they are the oldest and weakest part.
  7. Say yes to ACV and Beer rinses. They help to balance the pH of your hair and give sheen. The ratio to use Apple Cider Vinegar is; 1 cup of water to a tablespoon of ACV.
  8. Clump your ends. To prevent your curls from curling up on themselves, use a heavy butter like shea butter, to clump them together.
  9. Use warm water to shampoo. Warm water will gently raise your cuticles to allow the shampoo to properly cleanse your hair.
  10. Do a cold/cool water rinse. Do a cold water rinse to close your cuticles after deep conditioning.
  11. Do not scratch your scalp or  matt your hair together while shampooing or co-washing.
  12. Use a plastic bag if you don’t have a shower cap.
  13. Use a T-shirt to squeeze out excess water from hair after rinsing. A t-shirt is not as abrasive as towels.
  14.  Look for products with water as the first ingredient.
  15. Use the ‘praying hands’ method to apply products to your hair.
  16. Try to stay away from products with sulphates. Only use them when you need to clarify your hair.
  17. Cut your split ends off. Show no mercy and the earlier the better before they attach themselves to a healthy hair strand.
  18. Keep hair stretched in Protective styles to prevent matting and tangles.
  19. Hair Spritz is your best bud. Spritz your hair on the go or every other day to keep your hair moisturised.
  20. Let your hair rest once in a while. Protective style. wear headwraps, wigs, weaves or hats.
  21. Keep your nails smooth. They can snag hair strands if not cut or filed properly.
  22. Detangle before shampooing. I don’t like hair blocking my drain so I detangle outside the shower and before shampooing.
  23. Keep your hair tools in good condition. As well as keeping your nails smooth, your tools need to be clean and levelled. A crack or split can cause breakage without you realising.
  24. Pour a little your hair spritz into your hair. For example, if your hair is in a bun or a style that prevents you from adequately moisturising every part of your hair, simply pour in a little hair spritz (water based moisturising product).
  25. Lastly, eat healthily and exercise because healthy hair begins from the inside.

25-tips-tricks 25 Tips & Tricks for Growing and Maintaining Natural Hair

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  1. Reblogged this on Julia's Avenue and commented:
    I find that most if not everything on this list is not only informative, but easy to do. We fail to realize that sometimes we are the reason behind breakage and other damaging consequences.
    I’ve also learned that keeping a simple regimen is also beneficial. The less stuff you put in your hair, the less you will have to manipulate your hair. Less manipulation = less hands in your hair = less breakage.

  2. 😍😍Beautiful hair. Just gorgeous. R u low/high porosity? Do u have a weekly regimen and favorite products video?? 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 Tnx 🙂

  3. Hello, i would like you to help me.
    It’s been one year since i adopted this method on my natural hair. Even if i retain length, i always experience a lot of breakage (not shedding hair) during my wash day, even though i only use the finger detangling method.

    I trim my hair in April and last October but nothing seems to work.
    Here my regimen, i use henna once a month and wash my hair once a week.
    On wash day i prepoo with coconut oil, cowash, then deep condition.
    I alternate my deep conditioner, one week with hair mayonnaise for protein and the next week with shea moisture manuka oil.

    I would like to think you for your help because i have the same texture like you and you give so many great advices, so really thanks you very much.

    Sorry for the long text and also im french, so excuse me for the bad english.

    1. Hi, Rebecca! Thank you and your English is fine. I understand everything you’ve written.

      The first thing I would tell you is that it seems your manipulating your hair too much. The more you are constantly trying to do different things to your hair the more you snap some strands of hair without realising. Try to reduce how much you touch your hair if you want to retain length. I suggest you use henna once in two months instead.

      Then I would also advise, use protein treatments once in a month. Protein makes the hair hard, so if you continue to use it every two weeks, you might be hardening your hair and making it easy for it to break off without you realising. Plus, does your hair get soft and manageable after using Shea Moisture Manuka Oil?

  4. Thank u for your tips. i will try the havem i been natural since March 2013 and sadly to say my hair us still a twa. it’s so frustrating iIactually cried last week. I threw a big pity party for my hair, clearly iam doing something wrong. I cannot give up its not an option, iguess I have to start and go back to the basics again. Please help I’m confused and don’t know how to make my hair grow long

  5. Ilovenaturalhairtillfoever January 29, 2016, 16:09

    I have seen somewhere everywhere on the Internet. Thanks for the tips. Waiting to see the results as I begin to apply them. I am 11 months, 2 weeks and a day transitioning. I love the way your hair looks and I think we might be hair twins. As of today I am now following and watching you closely.


    P.S are you in abuja? and where? don’t you have ‘hairmeets’?

  6. i loove your hair! ive been natural for a year plus but my hair doesnt grow as fast as i thought it would, being a student doesnt help either because i cant afford the hair products i see online and there isnt much time left between studying and lectures to take care of my hair.
    please can you give me some advice on affordable hair products to use and a simple regimen that works?. thank you 🙂 ps i have high porosity hair.

  7. Great tips. I knew some of them but some are completely new to me. I’ll apply them once my natural hair (which I recently shaved) grows back. I can feel it growing already so….
    Great tips Chinwe Juliet. (Can I call you CJ?)

    1. I’m glad you find them helpful. 🙂

      No one has ever called me CJ. Its either Chinwe or Juliet or both together. *shrug* but you can. I’ll just need to need to adjust to it.

  8. Hi dear,
    Great work on your blog and your hair. I can’t wait for my twa to be this fabulous. In No.8, that’s my challenge. My hair loves to curl up on itself and next thing I know dangles and knots have formed and I then try to pull the strands apart, pull out the knot or worse have to cut off. 🙁

    Please what do you mean by clump and how can I prevent these curl-backs. Also anything for my edges, mine are refusing to grow back.

    I await your reply. Thank you.

    1. Hi Ugochi! Thank you for your kind words. What I mean by clump is to use heavy moisturizers to hold the ends of your hair together. When our ends are smoothed down with a heavy moisturizer, they tend not to curl back up because of they are weighed down. Does that make sense?
      How bad are your edges? and do you still fix weaves and wear braids?

      1. Aaah! So that’s what clumping is. Got it. My edges are bad 🙁 . On fix weaves, just done once in the last 3yrs as I was a bridesmaid for a friend. On braids, occasionally; my last braids was a month ago and it was crotchet braids.

  9. Thanks for the tips, really helpful. Going to the basics. My hair is really breaking a lot. at some point is really discouraging. After spritzing do you apply oil or anything on top?

  10. Cindy Hukportie July 25, 2016, 17:10

    Hi IgboCurls, thanks you so much for all these tips!
    I wanted to ask you if cornrows were a good protective style? Because I want to do cornrows and wear a wig. But when I hydrate my hair, it looks like the water don’t penetrate inside the cornrow. /:

    1. Hi, Cindy! You’re welcome!

      Cornrows are definitely a good protective style. You just need a hair spritz to always keep them moisturised. A hair spritz is an already formulated liquid moisturiser and don’t worry, it penetrates inside the cornrow.

    1. Hi, Mariah!

      ACV or Beer rinses are done right after you rinse out your conditioner.Do this with cold water running down your hair and remember to dilute your ACV. 2-3 tablespoons to 1 glass of water.

      1. great tips Chinwe…just a quick question…I have low porosity hair so do I need to rinse my hair with cold water or do I use warm water to keep my cuticles open? Also is the ACV rinse good for low porosity hair? Thx

        1. Hi Janet!

          I apologise for my late reply, I have been on holiday. To keep your cuticles open, please rinse with warm water. To keep them closed, please rinse with cold water. Also, ACV rinse is good for restoring the pH balance of natural hair.

  11. Article vert informative, thé steps are easy to do but for me I’ve tout fait a little because My haïr is short, I’ve tout shave there 1 year this. There’s more in it fort produits that are a bit difficultés tout fond on France. I sée on Amazon if I van found somme.
    I’m sorry if I mâle mistakes expression un English that’s because I only speak French.#team4C#Hair

    1. Salut, Maina!

      Merci d’être ici! Ce n’est pas un problème. Je vais essayer d’utiliser Google Translate pour changer la mienne aussi. Vous pouvez trouver des produits comme Phyto en France ou comme vous l’avez dit vous pouvez certainement commander certains des produits d’Amazon. S’il existe des produits spécifiques dont vous avez besoin que vous ne pouvez pas être en mesure de trouver, je peux être en mesure de vous les envoyer alors laissez-moi savoir.

      Meilleurs voeux,

      Chinwe Juliet

  12. Hi! Thank you so much for this! I have been natural for about 2 years now and I have been more of a DIY girl when it comes to deep conditioning. I have however been finding it difficult to retain moisture lately and I wonder if it has anything to do with that? What deep conditioner do you use? I seal in my moisture with oils and butter but nothing seems to make my hair stay moisturizer. What do I do pls?

    1. Hi, Ade!

      There are so many reasons why your hair may not be retaining moisture anymore but one might be that your hair has grown used to and tired of your DIY mix. I use a number of deep conditioners. Currently, I switch between Tresemme and some Nigerian brands that I will review in the near future. If you would like to purchase some products, look through my Store http://shopigbocurls.com/Home
      If you need more help, don’t hesitate to contact me.

  13. great tips Chinwe…I have low porosity hair so should I rinse with cold water or warm water to keep my cuticles open till I moisturize and seal my hair after washing? Also is the ACV rinse good for low porosity hair?

  14. Hello Chinwe, so my hair is going to be one year on the 9th of April 2017, the thing is, I really have staunt growth (I noticed). I don’t really have hair,like I have scanty brows,no hair on my legs and all that. Please my question is, should I stick with diys or I should just use products on my hair for growth and what not? #confused
    Also, are cantu products good?

    1. Hi Linda!

      Sorry for my late response.

      Happy hair Anniversary!

      What do you use now? DIYs? If yes, you can switch to products. Can’t products are good but bear in mind that they do not work for everyone (including me) so be open to trial and error with buying products.
      Furthermore, check shopigbocurls.com for products I’ve recommended myself.


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