Since July, I have been stretching my wash days to a month or longer. Lifestyle changes have limited how much time I can spend on my natural hair so I have written seven tips below that have helped me stretch my wash days successfully.

  1. Limit styling- I try not to style my hair often, instead, I leave my hair in a style (protective style) for about a week or two before restyling.
  2. Avoid Oily products- Oils and butters, tend to attract dust and lint to the hair causing it to feel dirty so if your goal is to postpone wash day, avoid oily products.
  3. Use comfortable hair accessories- If the style you choose to leave your hair in requires hair bands or ties, I recommend you choose ones without metal. Also, avoid using accessories that hold your hair too tightly.
  4. Use liquid hair moisturisers- Make a good mix in your spray bottle or buy a good hair spritz to keep your hair feeling soft and moisturised in between wash days.
  5. Maintain your styles by covering them with a satin scarf before bed. Placing your scarf on your pillow is still a good option, but if you want to keep your style neat and in place, you need to tie that scarf.
  6. If you do decide to use oily products, make sure to choose ones that absorb quickly into your hair.
  7. Stretching your wash days and maintaining your hair in a style is quite tricky. In the first month, I found an increase in split ends. So I would advise that every now and then when you take down a style, don’t forget to re-moisturise your ends carefully. Your ends might be ‘protected under the style’, but left without proper care can lead to dry ends which as we all know will lead to breakage.