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Who is Igbocurls?

Hi lovely! Thanks for stopping by.

My name is Chinwe Juliet and I’m the girl behind Igbocurls. Igbo represents that I am 100% Nigerian and curls represents my kinky-curly-coily hair. I am a 20 something Beauty Blogger currently living in the unpopular city of Kaduna, Nigeria. I was born here but I haven’t lived here my whole life.

My natural hair journey started in the summer of 2011 and you can read the full story here.


About this Site

This is not your typical natural hair care blog. On here,

  • I showcase kinky hair in different styles,
  • I detail my wash days with pictures and sometimes videos,
  • I review products I’ve used from around the world and;
  • I frequently write on tips & tricks to help my readers grow and retain their natural hair with less stress.

  i.e. Kinky hair is what Nigerians call stubborn hair.

Although this blog is centered on natural hair, I sometimes write on topics I feel strongly about or write on beauty lessons learnt from my experiences. I am also currently studying about skincare and cosmetic science so I’ll be able to share more knowledge on that once I am certified.

Blogging is almost a full time job for me because it takes most of my time! Otherwise, I have two other jobs as a Manager & Consultant. I also write for a number of websites so from time to time you will see my work on several publications. Your are probably thinking how do I find time for everything? Well, I try to get things done on time by eliminating excuses and everything sort of works. 🙂

One of my passions (courtesy of my hair) is helping others (whether male or female) achieve healthy hair and it simply inspires me to see people making better hair decisions because of me.

When I’m not working, you can find me catching my beauty sleep, reading my bible, watching Japanese anime (One piece is my favorite) or/and hanging out with loved ones.

I love music with meaningful lyrics, hence my addiction to Adele & Ed Sheeran, but I would also workout/dance to a good afrobeat song.

Rice & Stew over Jollof and Lipstick over Lip-gloss any day.

Now, do you want healthy hair?

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Educate yourself, natural hair is really beautiful. Chinwe Juliet

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