My Regimen*

My hair loves Extra Virgin Olive Oil, so I tend to use it as my pre-poo treatment.

For detangling, I prefer to fully finger detangle before shampooing or co-washing as I really detest knots.Then I proceed to wash my hair in about 10 chunky twists once a week, sometimes it stretches to once in two weeks depending on how busy my schedule is.

I have also made it a rule to deep condition every wash day for about thirty minutes OR on the go for hours when I feel my hair really needs extra attention. After deep conditioning, I follow with an Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) cold rinse to close up my hair cuticle.

Next, I slather a leave-in conditioner, followed by any moisturiser I feel like, (preferably an all natural product) and seal all the moisture in with an oil. This whole process takes me about three hours with the current length of my hair, which is really not that bad. Get comfortable and play music in the background or catch up on a series and you’d be surprised how time flies.

As for products, I have used many, but I do have my staple ‘save my hair’ products which you can view via this link .

Lastly, enjoy your hair lovelies! It’s what God blessed you with. 🙂

img_3348 My Regimen*

**My Regimen is subject to change depending on my lifestyle or environment. Every month I write a post about my Wash Days so updates can always be found there.


  1. My sister introduced me to you after she saw you at a natural event. I’m amazed at how beautiful your hair is especially since you are 100% Nigerian. Love love love. I was wondering if you could give more tips on transitioning. I don’t want to do the big chop and at the same time, I’m used to the idea that my hair is hard to manage. Any detailed product faves and tips for beginners would be greatly appreciated. ❤️❤️❤️

  2. You have the most simplest regimen I have ever seen! So simple. No complications! It’s too simple to be true! I’ve noticed that by simplifying my regimen. (the only difference is I’m a coco – avocado prepoo-er ) but in just a few weeks my hair is clumping and curling and bouncing. (oh and also I have the exact same hair type as you) I thought maybe our regimen would be more complicated. But I guess not!

    1. Aaaaahhhhhh! I was screaming when I saw your comment! You know! Simplifying your regimen is certainly what is best because when it’s all complicated its tougher to be consistent. Thank you Gugu! Cheers to gorgeous healthy natural hair!

  3. Tatenda Gurure July 29, 2016, 06:00

    Hey! I really love your hair. Its really beautiful and am inspired to be proud of my african hair!!

    Have you ever done a henna treatment? What’s your take or experience with it?

    1. Hi, ya!

      I’m glad I can inspire you. Yaaay!

      I’ve never done the henna treatment all I’ve done is use a product with Henna as an active ingredient. However, I have researched on it and henna can be used as a protein treatment to help strengthen your hair and also to color your hair slowly. It is not harmful but it can also be very messy in terms of staining your bathroom and etc. I hope this answers your question.

  4. Hey!!! ThanKs for the advice and will be trying pre poo this week. Just wondering, and this may be a silly question, but when you wash your hair do you keep it in the chunks to hold some if the oils in? Or take it down to wash it? I have 4c hair and it has seemed to stop growing so im trying to switch up my regimen. Thank you in advance!!

  5. Hi well I did my BC on the 17th of September 2016 and every time I have my bath I always wash my hair am I doing the right thing or o should reduce the way I wash my hair
    And also I love your hair it gives me motivation

  6. Hi Chinwe.
    Big fan of your hair regimen.
    My problem is that my hair breaks like crazy especially at the front.
    Am a natural and plan on staying away from attachments so my hair can grow longer and fuller. What should I do?

  7. hie chinwe i spend about 3 months with my hair braided thpugh i change hairstyles every week what do you recommend i do to retain moisture and retain some growth

  8. Pls I am just curious because your hair is something else,beautiful is not enough to describe it.Now when you started your hair journey, did you cut your hair to start from the scratch and secondly, do you fix weaves or do you braid your hair at all with attachment since this journey, I am really hoping to get your reply.Thanks for your time

    1. Hi Mrs!

      Thank you very much!

      When I started I didn’t cut my hair until I had grown my natural hair for about 7months before cutting the relaxed part off. Secondly, I do braid occasionally. Sometimes, once or twice in a year. You can choose to braid your hair more times if you want to mine is only a matter of preference.

  9. Hi Chinwe, a friend referred me to your blog and so far, its been inspiring. Am just transitioning and its been 6months. i intend doing my big chop after a year. My hair doesnt really seem to b growing. i deep condition every week, moisturise and seal only on these days. Please what do you do with your hair on every other day you are not washing your hair. I know you do protective styles but do you use other products in your hair on other days.

  10. Wow.. I’m inspired.. I never thought purely Nigerians hair could grow this long but you’ve proved me wrong.. I hope my hair can get to your level some day.. I wanted to ask.. . Where do you get your products from since you live in Nigeria. . Thanks


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