As some of you may have correctly noticed, my blog crashed last week. (Sigh, I know) but we are back up and running now and I can’t wait to share loads more with you all.

IMG_14351-e1465992328899 I'm Back !! + African Hair Summit 2016
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This week, specifically on the 17th and 18th, there will be an event at Sheraton Hotel and Towers, Abuja called the African Hair Summit and I’m going to be there by the grace of God. 🙂 I am very particular about this event because it centers on The Hair Economy. Their vision and mission which can be read below and on their website,( are completely in line with the purpose of this blog. 

Vision- To Promote healthy hair and lifestyle amongst Africans.

Mission  – To significantly reduce the use of harmful hair products and promote healthy hair styling through strategic hair industry alliances across African Countries and also to expose hair related health risks and discourage the continuous use of harmful hair products by encouraging more home grown healthy hair products and lifestyle for Africans.

The main problem we have as Africans is ignorance. Most of us  just don’t know how to take care of our hair or even see the beauty of it.

The old saying, ‘Ignorance is Bliss’ does not apply anymore. It can actually kill you.

So events like this that promote the natural healthy hair industry are very necessary to reduce the ignorance that has blinded many all these years.  I will always support and in time have my own events to promote the health and beauty of our natural hair so I hope to see many of you there. I’m travelling all the way so come learn, network and let’s grow this industry together!

You can register and know more about this event through this link.


“Within 2-3 years the natural healthy hair community in Africa is going to grow tremendously so be a part of it now.”

Chinwe Juliet