I decided to give my hair a spa treatment last weekend so I created ample time, gathered some of my luxury products and indulged.

Products used:

  • Ojon Restorative Hair Mask (To pre-poo)
  • Dead Sea Spa Magik Mineral Shampoo (To Shampoo)
  • Ojon Hydrating Conditioner  (To condition)
  • L’Occitane Repairing Mask (To Deep Condition)
  • Shoprite Apple Cider Vinegar (To Rinse)
  • Dr Miracles Leave in (As a Leave-in Conditioner)
  • Ojon Hydrating Styling Cream (As a moisturizer)
  •  L’Occitane Repairing Serum ( To protect my hair)
  • and Anita Grants Monoi Oil ( Oil as a sealant)

I used the above products in the order in which they are listed.

The following are pictures taken in the process.

You can see from the tips of my twists how defined my curls were before I unravelled them to moisturise and prep for styling. (I always wash my hair in twists to prevent single strand knots, tangles and to be able to access my scalp without much difficulty.) 

When my hair was wet, it felt very soft and well conditioned but as it air-dried in braids, it began to feel a bit dry. I suspect it is the Ojon Hydrating Styling Cream but I’ll discuss more on the products in a separate post.

After I took out my braids the next day, this is what my hair looked like before I left the house.

When I returned home later that evening, my hair looked like this from behind.

In front.

Overall, my hair felt great for the whole week. I will definitely incorporate more Spa dates in future as this was a treat for me!


P.S- You don’t have to use expensive products.