TRESemmé Naturals Moisture Shampoo

  I decided to try TRESemmé Naturals Moisture Shampoo because my hair really loves the conditioner. This Shampoo lathers easily and is gentle on my scalp. The ingredient list (from what I understand from it) is Keep Reading


For those of you who may not know, NYSC in Nigeria stands for Nigeria Youth Service Corps. It is a year of service to the country that can be undertaken after a first degree. Mine Keep Reading

Gentelle Hair Fruits Hair Conditioner

Since I moved back to Nigeria, I have had the challenge of finding hair products that work for my hair. So I have decided to go around stores in search of any gems I may Keep Reading

My Regimen*

My hair loves Extra Virgin Olive Oil, so I tend to use it as a pre poo but occasionally, I also use my Ojon Restorative hair conditioner. For detangling, I prefer to fully finger detangle before Keep Reading


Below are a list of my current staple products. I update them at least every six months as some products may stop responding to my hair or I find new products that work brilliantly with Keep Reading