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Product Review- Karen’s Body Beautiful Pomegranate Guava: Sweet Ambrosia Leave-in Conditioner™

Short Story This product does what it claims, but it has a runny consistency that does not suit this packaging and it has to be re-applied frequently to keep my hair moisturised if used alone. Long Story Cost me N2,600 from Olori (with delivery it was a total of, N4,950). Fragrance– A slightly sweet pleasant smell. It reminds me of a Nigerian salon I used to go to when I was a kid. Packaging– Black Tube with a flip cap and it came sealed. Product Claim– You’re only a few dabs away from lush, radiant, soft hair. Sweet Ambrosia moisturizes,...

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Current Hair Situation- DIY KINKY TWISTS + VIDEO

It’s that time of the year again lovelies. I put my hair in kinky twists for 8 weeks usually in the months of March and April and its become a habit for me over the past two years. This year I chose to use two packs of J’adore Afro kinky Twist in Colour 27. I bought this during my holiday last year for about £5.99 and what attracted me to this particular brand was that the material was a bit soft unlike most kinky twist attachments I have used in the past. On taking the hair out of the...

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Beer Rinsing

  Every time I wash my hair, I like to organise my products and tools to make the process both quick and enjoyable. In spite of that, not everything always goes according to plan. Such is life.  Half way through wash day, I stretched my hand to grab my Apple Cider Vinegar bottle and…it was EMPTY! So, I contemplated skipping the step altogether because I was in no shape to drive down to a grocery store to get one. Then, out of the blue, two ideas crossed my mind. ‘Black tea rinsing and Beer rinsing’. I had read about...

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From my previous post about my washday which can be found here, I styled my hair using rubber thread as it is locally called.   I prefer to use this thread because it stretches and gives a shiny finish. . The thread was left in my hair for two days for my hair to completely dry underneath and I was careful not to make it tight. However, there was a particular part of my scalp that kept hurting despite my efforts and I only realised later that, that was where I had my worst relaxer burn four years ago. Hmm…it seems that...

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