TWA- Tenny weeny Afro

Pre-poo- Oils or conditioners used before shampooing.

SSK- Single strand knots.When your natural hair decides to curl up on itself.

Hang time- When your natural hair is in an in-between phase. Not long or short.

Braid-out- When you release your braids for defined and stretched curly hair.

Twist-out- When you release your twists for defined and stretched curly hair.

Flat twist- When you twist your hair on your scalp.

Co-wash- Washing NH with conditioner.

Wash & Go- Washing without styling. Literally wash and go.

Wash – day- the day you set aside to wash your natural hair.

Pineapple- A term used when curly hair is put into a high puff and tied with a scarf to preserve curl definition.

Leave- in- Any product that’s not washed out.

LOC method- Leave in, oil & cream

LCO – Liquid, Cream and Oil

LCOC- Liquid, Conditioner, Oil, Cream

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