Every time I wash my hair, I like to organise my products and tools to make the process both quick and enjoyable. In spite of that, not everything always goes according to plan. Such is life. 

Half way through wash day, I stretched my hand to grab my Apple Cider Vinegar bottle and…it was EMPTY! So, I contemplated skipping the step altogether because I was in no shape to drive down to a grocery store to get one. Then, out of the blue, two ideas crossed my mind. ‘Black tea rinsing and Beer rinsing’. I had read about these somewhere but I couldn’t place my finger on where. In any case, I was running out of patience so I grabbed the first bottle of beer I found in the fridge and found my pack of pH strips ready to test.

Let me quickly say that, my 5-year-old brother hung around me in amazement through this step. He could not believe I was actually pouring Beer on my hair. In his words, “Chinwe you are pouring a drink on your hair. Why??” *shocked face* haha 🙂

Back to the topic. I can write a separate post detailing the importance of pH (potenz hydrogen) on our hair but for now all you need to understand is: the ph of our hair is between 4.5-5.5 which is acidic and the reason why we use diluted apple cider vinegar as a final rinse in the first place, is to bring the ph of water at 7 down to that of the level of hair to smooth, protect and close the hair cuticle. Makes sense? I hope so.

Now, with the ph of this beer at 5 you can imagine how elated I was, coupled with the fact that it was already cold.

So, will I be including this into my regimen? Yes, but not regularly because I’m not too sure my dad or my brothers will take it lightly that I am pouring their beer down the drain as that’s how they’ll see it. Ha!

Do I recommend? Yes. Give it a try but, you should be warned that, this contains alcohol at 5% so don’t let it touch your skin. It burns! Well not literally burn burn, but it stings quite a bit.


Has anyone tried this before? What was your experience like? Let me know in the comments below!