Hi People!

Belle Saturdays is here again and this time, I travelled for a wedding. (Well, Abuja is not that far, but it still counts). My hair situation was Bantu Knots! I have never quite done Bantu Knots all over my head without tweaking it a little so this is a first for me.

I used Desert Essence Daily Essential moisturizer, (yes, you read that correctly, a face moisturizer), to set the Bantu Knots and I honestly did not know it was a facial moisturizer until the first time I was writing this post. I remember when I got this product, I was in a natural store looking for new hair gems but I was completely engrossed in reading labels so I think I liked what I saw on the ingredient list and purchased it with the mindset that it was for hair. Oops. I guess the face products must have been next to the hair product aisle.

Surprisingly, my Bantu knots came out very defined and well moisturised. The only downside was that I could not reapply the product to set my curls again after a few days because it began to flake.

Nevertheless, I was happy with my results even though they lasted only a few days.


Take home point:- Read labels and find out what are in the products you are buying. Just because it says face cream, does not mean it cannot be a gem for your hair. 🙂