This has got to be the quickest hairstyle after an afro puff. It literally took me less than a minute. All I had to do was place a stretchy hair-band like a crown on my head and divide my kinky twists in four sections to twist and tuck and that was it! It gave me a very elegant look. Also, coincidentally, as I was browsing through my old pictures I realised I’ve also done this hairstyle on my natural hair. See pics below.

The only down side to this hairstyle is that the hair band may begin to hurt your forehead. I had to keep moving mine as I couldn’t concentrate on anything after a while. My head began to feel like it was carrying a heavy load so I decided to move it behind my hairline and it relieved the pain. In the picture above you can see a line on my forehead showing where the hair band had been previously, so its better you start with the hair band behind your hairline if you do not want to be walking around with a line on your forehead.

On my Natural Hair-

I used accessory combs and bobby pins to secure the hair style instead of a hair band.