How To Get A Soft Voluminous ‘Fro aka Heatless Bl...

Hair must be previously stretched from any method of choice. My hair was a week old and I had pre-pooed overnight with Extra Virgin Olive oil and Organic Palm Oil to get my hair completely Keep Reading

Conditioner Washing aka Co-washing

Basics for Men and Women to acheive Healthy Hair Some men aren’t familiar with the term co-washing, it simply  means washing your hair with a conditioner.  Light conditioners are usually formulated with cleansing properties, therefore, hair Keep Reading

Hair Colour- Bleach London Bruised Violet

Hi Beauties! I hope every one of you is experiencing a wonderful month as I am. Thank God for the privilege to be alive. As some of you may already know via Instagram, I ‘attempted’ Keep Reading

How to use FRESH Aloe Vera for Natural Hair

  How To use Fresh Aloe Vera for Natural Hair Aloe Vera has various benefits for hair, health and skin. It is a widely popular plant that has been used for centuries for healing internally Keep Reading

First Wash Day of the Year

Happy New Year beautiful people! I hope you all are healthy and looking forward to a better journey this 2015. I pray that God shall grant you all the grace you need to make tremendous Keep Reading

Pros and Cons of Washing Natural Hair in Twists

Whenever I speak about my regimen I always state that I wash my hair in twists and I have found that some naturals are against this idea because they assume that this method of cleansing Keep Reading

Tips on Braiding with Colour

Don’t worry my hair is not in braids again. This post is one of the few I forgot to put up a while ago. I like to braid using different colours whenever I can because Keep Reading

4 Benefits of Protective Styling

In this post, I refer to protective styling as a general term for hairstyles that require the ends of the hair to be hidden from view. For example, wigs/box braids/weaves/kinky twists. However, the proper definition Keep Reading

5 Ways to Remove Flakes from Natural Hair

Many of us have had the unpleasant experience of a gel, DIY recipe or a random product flaking in our hair so I have come up with five methods that have worked for me so Keep Reading

Hair Typing

I personally have three different textures on my head and the hair typing chart above show that I am a mix of 3c and type 4 curls. My top middle section has