How I went from Severely Damaged Hair To Healthy Natura...

Unhealthy relaxed hair to healthy natural hair If you follow me on Instagram, which you should, 🙂 Igbocurls, you would have noticed that on Sunday I put up a collage showing my damaged relaxed hair in Keep Reading

What To Do If Your Family Is Not Supportive of Your Nat...

How To Get your loved ones to accept your Natural Hair I put up the above picture of my mum and I on Instagram a few days ago with the following caption; In my home, Keep Reading


It’s that time of the year again. If you follow this blog or my natural hair journey you would already know I originated volume checks on natural hair in December 2012 and do it once Keep Reading


I usually keep protective styles in for about 8 weeks but this time I left it in for 6 weeks. After the take down, my natural hair was super soft as can be seen in Keep Reading

A Year in Review- Top 10 Products, Posts & Hairsty...

Igbocurls It’s the last day of 2015 people! How awesome does that sound? I am completely ecstatic and I pray as we end this year, we shall see many more years in Jesus name. (Amen). Keep Reading

Length Check 2015

I know it’s a bit late, but I’m just dropping in to share pictures from my length check earlier. I hope it inspires someone who is about to give up on their healthy hair journey. Keep Reading

Blowout using the Tension Method

To celebrate my birthday last week, I decided to do a blow out on my hair using the tension method. The tension method is basically elongating damp hair with your hands and using a blow Keep Reading


Wash Day came early this past week because I got new products that I couldn’t wait to try. My list of new products can be found here. First of all, I Shampooed with one of the Keep Reading

Volume Check

Hi loves! It’s been a minute. 🙂 I took out my kinky twists last week Tuesday, but I am only getting around to washing it later on today. If you follow me on Instagram you Keep Reading

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I bought these two shampoo bars at the same time in October last year. I fell for both of them because of their smell and because they were the only two shampoo bars made by Keep Reading