10 Benefits & Uses of Shea Butter and Coconut Oil

If you haven’t heard of the amazing benefits of Shea butter and Coconut oil here are 10 benefits of these natural goodies that you need to know. Shea Butter If you want softer skin, shea butter Keep Reading

Read Me-Igbocurls App

For those of you receiving updates via my App, notifications link to posts under Blog when you click on the Menu button. I apologize for the inconvenience as I seek to address this issue in Keep Reading

Growth = More Responsibilities

Hi, lovelies! First of all, I want to thank you all for keeping my website traffic constant despite my silence. I have been working on several personal projects to bring you all insightful, informative and Keep Reading


Hi lovelies, How are you all doing? Great, I hope. I have a couple of special and important announcements that I may not have announced on here. As some of you may know, this blog Keep Reading

Big Annoucement! 

Due to popular demand by my wonderful readers, I’m very excited that you can now shop some of my favourite products through my online shop on Konga.com. I will be adding more favourites as soon as Keep Reading

Wash Day Diary

I woke up randomly at 3 am, on Saturday morning and I couldn’t go back to sleep. Three things crossed my mind, write a new post for the blog, wash your hair or read a Keep Reading


Hi, lovelies! I have been protective styling my hair in different bun styles for the past two months and I would like all of you to join me to do so this week. Simply style your Keep Reading

Brand New

Hi lovelies! It’s been two months since I last published a post. I didn’t plan on taking such a long time off but I got caught up in creating better content and improving both the Keep Reading

Roller Set…FAIL!

I bought two packs of Snap-Around hair rollers when I went on holiday last year. Each pack cost me .99p and had 10 rollers inside. Snap-Around Rollers Look at the teeth on this thing I prepped Keep Reading

Beautiful Blogger Awards

This is a tag that celebrates other bloggers. The idea is simple, you thank the person who tagged you and you discover seven other blogs of your choice to do the same. I was tagged Keep Reading