An article on my Volume Checks on Black Girl with Long ...

A quick post to say this happened yesterday! I had a feeling I was featured somewhere because my stats were sky rocketing. What are your thoughts on the article? Could ‘Volume Checks’ Be the New Keep Reading

New Products!

  Since the weekend of Nigerian Natural Hair & Beauty Show, I have bought and been gifted with lots of new products. Some of which I took the opportunity to try this past Sunday. They Keep Reading

What’s in my Bag?

I was tagged by the lovely Jennifer of blog. (How you doing love?) As you can already tell this is not a hair post so lets start from the bag shall we? Bag– My mum bought Keep Reading


Went as follows: Pre-poo– I used Extra Virgin Olive Oil (my hair loves this oil) and covered it with a plastic cap and scarf and left it overnight. Detangle– I dry finger detangled my hair Keep Reading

It’s Happening! Naturals in The City 10!!

Naturals in the City is happening Tomorrow people! I’m no where near Lagos tomorrow but I know a few people who will be there. So go if you can and have fun!

Let’s talk about BAE

This spoke to me. I hope it helps someone else. Thanks Mo’smiles for sharing.

Fingercoil Elegant Updo (Video)

Finally!! Here is the video tutorial for the updo that circulated around Instagram. I hope my steps are easy to follow and the video helps. Enjoy!

Sunday Funday Bun

Hi lovelies! I’m just dropping in to wish everyone a productive and blessed week and also to show my high bun. It takes less than 5 minutes to achieve. Just section the hair left out Keep Reading