Product Review- Lush R & B Hair Moisturiser

I have used this hair moisturiser for more than two years now so I have gotten the opportunity to see how it relates to my hair in different weather conditions. R & B by Lush Keep Reading

Belle Saturdays

Hi People! Belle Saturdays is here again and this time, I travelled for a wedding. (Well, Abuja is not that far, but it still counts). My hair situation was Bantu Knots! I have never quite Keep Reading


I had to represent my parents at my brothers graduation last week Saturday so I was given an ‘anko’  to sew and wear for the occasion. Thankfully, my last-minute tailor did a good job with Keep Reading

Save the date: Natural in Paradise!

Theres a Natural Hair Meet up in Calabar so if any of you reading this or know someone living there that may be interested in natural hair, let them know. I’ve personally never been to Keep Reading

African Threading

Over the past two years, I’ve used heat twice on my birthday to help me with my annual length check ( post can be found here), and to also trim my ends if needed. But on Keep Reading

Exploring the Unequally Yoked

This post from xohaircrush spoke volumes. We all need to examine ourselves and our relationships. I hope it helps someone else too.

Lupita Nyong’o Braids Hair

One of my best-friends sent me this video earlier today. Its an interview by Vogue showing Lupita Nyong’o favorite pastime with her best friends. I personally think its a lovely short video. Let me know what Keep Reading


For those of you who may not know, NYSC in Nigeria stands for Nigeria Youth Service Corps. It is a year of service to the country that can be undertaken after a first degree. Mine Keep Reading