Creative Versatile Updo on Natural Hair

Hi lovelies!

Last week,  I was thinking of how I could style my 4c hair in a sleek yet stylish bun and then I came up with a style (in my mind). However, by the time I styled my hair in what I had imagined, it looked completely different in reality.

If there’s anything I have learnt about natural hair, its that you cannot actually predict what a hairstyle will look like on your hair.

This applies to whether or not it is an original hairstyle because hair texture, length and even the thickness of our natural hair strands matter. So, whenever you style your hair, have it in mind that it may look different from what you imagined. But that doesn’t mean you can’t play with it and come up with other styles that you may like. 😉

So I took advantage of that fact, and turned my hairstyle from the first picture to the other two styles below it. I call it the creative versatile updo and it was fun to switch up without having to stress about restyling my whole hair.

You can find more of my hairstyles here.

The Swirl

Textured Updo from a Braidout

I’m still learning how to fishtail braid with my natural hair and I’m thinking this was a good attempt. 🙂

Is this something you would wear? And do you have a versatile updo for natural hair? Please share below!