If you have read my African Threading post, you will see that I combed out my hair. This dinner date took place two days after and I wanted to do something different without having to wash my hair, so , I decided on flat twists at the last-minute.

I flat twisted and braided the length of my hair to prevent much shrinkage. I also created a side part for a fringe and flat twisted in the same way but here’s the thing, I used shea butter and Ecostyler gel at the same time. My hair doesn’t like that so it flaked.

Thank God I only did it to the front or else I would have gone for the turban look on this date.  









Very quickly, I twisted the fringe and pinned it down to the side to hide most of the flakes.

If you noticed, the left side of my hair is always more voluminous than the other side. I think is due to the fact that they are both different curl patterns. Anyway, this is what the fringe looked like after I released it.


and the whole look…