Don’t be completely put off yet. My DIY deep conditioning mask wasn’t a total disaster, there was just a little blip in-between. What had happened was…

I decided to make a deep conditioning mask a few weeks ago with bananas , mayonnaise and onions. Yes, onions. The benefits of each are as follows;

  • Banana:- to soften, add shine and relieve dry/brittle hair.
  • Mayonnaise:- to reduce breakage, strengthen my hair tresses* and restore the pH balance of my hair.*
  • Onions:- to prevent hair loss, stimulate growth and strengthen hair follicles.

I mixed, 2 over-ripe bananas, 3 spoonfuls of mayonnaise and a segment of an onion.

Now here’s the mistake I made…I forgot to sieve my mixture. Only the juice from the onion is required not the flesh. Yes I know….I was deceived by the velvety texture of the mixture.

Anyway, this wonderful mixture worked very well on my tresses. The only other issues apart from little onion bits stuck in  my hair was that I may have used a lot of mayonnaise and this tipped my protein-moisture balance. It ended up with more protein and as a result, my tresses were slightly hard afterwards.

The picture below shows my hair after it was styled. You can see the white bits of onions that are still stuck to my hair if you look closely. Embarrassing! Thank God it washed out a week later.

Lesson learnt:– when making a DIY mask generally, always measure your quantities towards how you want the end result to be.

Plus! ALWAYS sieve the mixture. It may look smooth until you apply it to your hair and it turns out a Hot Mess!

Notes:- Mayonnaise is made from eggs which is protein that’s why it helps in strengthening the hair. It also contains a bit of vinegar as well which helps in regulating the pH balance in hair.