img_0467 First Impression - The Denman Brush
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Denman Classic Styling Brush

As popular as the Denman brush is within the Natural Hair Community, I have never considered using it until now. This is because, I generally have a negative view towards detangling tools other than my fingers. I feel they rip through my tangles and knots and cause more breakage and/or split ends than necessary.

I used the Denman Classic Styling Brush for the first time during my first wash day of the year. The aloe vera gel provided a lot of slip so the Denman brush just glided through.


The Pros are;

  • It completely detangles my hair.
  • I don’t hear my strands snapping as I brush through.
  • It clumps and defines my curls.
  • It makes detangling time shorter.
  • I enables me to detangle in large sections,
  • and the shape of my brush makes it very easy for me to hold.


  • You need a conditioner or a gel with a lot of slip to use a Denman brush.
  • In my opinion, there are one too many bristles on this brush. I may eventually modify it using a method by Naptural85 on YouTube.
  • You need to hold the ends of your hair as you brush to prevent it from curling up and causing more tangles.
  •  The price! I thought hard before paying £6.99 for this but I guess it’ll last me for a long time.


Have you used the Denman Brush? Which one? What are your opinions on it.