My little brother thought they were cute and said they looked like ‘whipped cream’. haha. 

Hi, lovelies! How has your week been so far? Great, I hope.

Earlier this week, I was working on a new styling technique which didn’t turn out as I had hoped, so I re-styled my hair in flat bantu knots.

I made my knots flat because, I wanted them to dry quicker and I wanted a smooth spiral curl without the little bump that comes with the other method. For this, I used Lotta Body Shape Me Custard Gelee only. It was my first time using this product, but I was pretty confident in it to deliver. I used this product without spritzing water on my hair beforehand so some parts of my hair that were very dry, did not allow for quick absorption.

The picture below shows the difference between regular Bantu knots and Flat Bantu knots.

I had about ten flat bantu knots in all so they were in between medium to large in size. They were secured with black bobby pins and left overnight to set.

Surprisingly, my hair was not fully dry the next day, even after styling on DRY hair. So I am thinking that it may be because my sections were too big and/or I used too much product as I can be very heavy-handed with products sometimes.I separated the curls completely so my end result looked like a stretched twist out.  Nevertheless, I still like the way the results turned out and I’ll learn from my mistakes for next time.


What do you think of flat bantu knots and what products are your staples for defining your curly styles? Let’s talk below.