Since I moved back to Nigeria, I have had the challenge of finding hair products that work for my hair. So I have decided to go around stores in search of any gems I may find and review them on here. Hopefully, this should help the anyone with natural hair in Nigeria or someone who is looking to move back in the near future.

Before I begin this review, I would like to issue a friendly advise when looking for hair products; READ THE LABELS! Companies are very good at advertising and packaging their products to be appealing to the eye but, you have to be very careful. Learning how to read and understand labels on whatever you decide to buy will help in ascertaining what product may or may not work for your hair. I will write a post on how to read labels soon so that should help.

Now moving unto the review.
This Gentelle conditioner was used to finger detangle my hair rather than deep condition becaus, I found it very light and runny but with very good slip making detangling a breeze. I also observed that there were no ‘moisture blockers’ In the ingredient list making it absolutely safe to use on natural hair.

Overall, this is a light, affordable, good for detangling conditioner on kinky curly hair that should be readily available in most cosmetic stores around the country.