Hi Beauties!

I hope every one of you is experiencing a wonderful month as I am. Thank God for the privilege to be alive.

As some of you may already know via Instagram, I ‘attempted’ to colour my hair. I say attempted because...no, I won’t say just yet, read to the end and find out. 

I used Bruised Violet by Bleach London which cost me £5 from Boots in Bristol last year. The instructions read,’ Wearing rubber gloves, apply to shampooed, towel dried hair and make sure to cover all hair evenly. Leave in for 15 minutes. Then rinse with lukewarm water. Do not shampoo.’

I thought about this for a while. Why didn’t they consider people who have to use Conditioners? (As I would obviously need to deep condition after shampooing). Will the colour not work as well if I did? Perhaps not. I may just be over thinking things so I went ahead to shampoo and deep condition before towel drying my hair. ( I forgot to do the Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse!)

While my hair was still in twists, I completely coated it with all the hair colour that could come out of the bottle. The packaging was a squeezable plastic and the texture was very thick and creamy. I also applied a little pressure on my twists to allow the colour to penetrate fully. This took about 40 minutes so overall, the product was in my hair for 30 minutes. Way more than the time stipulated.

As I rinsed it out with lukewarm water, there was so much colour in the tub that I began to get pessimistic. Would this temporary colour be effective against my natural black hair colour? Why does it look like everything is going down the drain? And why is this thing messing up my tub? **crying face**

Anyway, when I proceeded to style, I found some thick hair colour still stuck in between some of my twists so I had to re-rinse after I had already applied my Kinky Curly Knot Today Leave-in Conditioner. When I was done, I re-applied the leave in conditioner added some hair butter and walked out the door with four buns on my head. Not exactly age appropriate but who cares?

My hair did not completely air dry in this style after 24hrs so I had to wait till the next day to check again.

Alas! The time came to see the results and…Where is my purple??? I can hardly see anything. Even under bright lighting. Or do I? Then, I re-read the label on the bottle again, and I don’t know how I missed this:


‘Recommended for use on bleached or light blonde hair’.

How did I miss that? I think I must have been carried away by the packaging of the product that I forgot to read the small print. Sigh* The fault is definitely NOT from the brand and don’t think I want to bleach my hair anytime soon so no more colour until I’m ready. Sorry folks.

If anyone with natural hair has tried this product or has an experience with colour, please share below. 

img_1180 Hair Colour- Bleach London Bruised Violet
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