Rewind back to a few posts where I wrote about At Home Hair Spa. In that post I described how I spent a day pampering my hair with luxury products and how my hair felt wonderful even after seven days. Well, something happened the next time I needed to wash my hair. gehn gehn

I was told at the last-minute that I needed to travel by road, to my hometown in the East of Nigeria, (I live in the North), so without thinking it through, I drenched my hair in water and began shampooing. Shocked? Me too. My saving grace was that I used a moisturizing shampoo that I could finger detangle with in the shower so I removed most of the shed hairs without worry. However, the whole process happened so quickly that I ended up with the most cracks and split ends I had ever seen on my hair. Obviously, I was distraught but had no time to worry so I trimmed 1.5inches off at the next washday thinking I could start afresh with new ends. Ha!

Needless to say, the damage I had caused was deeper than 1.5inches of hair as the cracks and peels showed up on my dusted ends. 🙁 I had no clue at the time how I could solve this problem as my mind was focused on more important things so I put my hair up in box braids to leave it to rest for a while. As the stress of more manipulation on top my already fragile ends was not an option.

After I took out my braid attachment, the split ends were still there. Sigh* They obviously won’t heal themselves. 

I’ll write more in my next post on how I am dealing with this problem after taking an extra 2 inches off my hair. It also goes without saying, YOU SHOULD NEVER WASH YOUR NATURAL HAIR IN A RUSH as you may end up causing more damage in your quest to save time.


What are your hair confessions?  What do you do when you have no time to properly wash your hair? Lets discuss in the comments below!