I have a fuzzy memory of not wanting to touch my freshly relaxed hair when I was younger. I can’t quite remember if that was the first time I got a perm or if that occasion was one of many I had as a child. All I felt at that time was that if I touched it, it may lose its greasy feeling and sleek straightness as I was simply amazed at how my hair looked longer and went from curly to bone straight.

My hair was continually relaxed until I moved to a boarding school in Nigeria. There, all the girls were required to keep our hair in a short crop (TWA) till we were in our final years. I was completely dumbstruck because I had become attached to my hair and cutting it off seemed like a nightmare but I did it eventually because it was the rule. I got depressed because I literally had no hair on my head anymore and I had no clue how to take care of it. Nevertheless, I eventually learnt that leaving some water in my hair before raking a comb through it will reduce the amount of kinks, coils and curls snapping and it hurt way less.

By and large, we (students in boarding school) all waited for our final years when we could grow out our hair and quickly slap a relaxer back on it . Neither of us seemed to know anything about caring for natural hair so we always settled for the little burn in order to attain what we knew as manageable hair.

Fast forward to university. Here I was on my own completely for the first time in another country. I had to think of how to manage my hair after I took out the Kinky braids I wore for two months. Fortunately/Unfortunately for me I found a black hair salon and this is where my addiction to weaves began…


This was the longest my relaxer hair ever was before I encountered chronic breakage a few months later as seen in the picture below.