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I found the above charts online and chose them because they perfectly illustrate the different hair types in our community. They also help in knowing what category your curls fall into. However, it should be noted that most of us tend to have multiple hair textures so do not limit yourself to what the chart says.

I personally have three different textures on my head. My top middle section has very loose 3c curls but since they occupy a very little portion on my scalp, it is only obvious when my hair is wet or I detangle.

On the right side of my hair, I have fairly loose curls that are completely 4a, while my opposite side is 4c with thicker, kinkier and prone to greater shrinkage than the rest of my hair. It takes practise to handle all these different textures without creating split ends, generating breakage and/or dealing with a horrible case of single strand knots so find out what detangling method and products work best with your hair.  My detangling method and favorite products can be found here & here.

Overall, you must realise that it doesn’t matter what your hair type is as all hair textures are beautiful as long as they are healthy. 🙂

Peace & Blessings,