Happy New Year lovelies!

I hope you all enjoyed the holidays as well as I did. All glory and honor to God Almighty.

I know most of you have new year resolutions and different hair goals that you hope to achieve this year and I do as well. One of which is supporting Nigerian/ African hair brands.

I put up a notice on this last night on Instagram and the response has been amazing. So far, these are Nigerian/African hair beauty businesses you should know. The list will continue to grow as time goes on so I’ll create a page under FroQueens in order for everyone to find it easily accessible.

  1.  Ilera Apothecary
  2. WeNaturals
  3. Africanaturalistas
  4. LumoNaturals
  5. Natural Nigerian
  6. Rolio Organic Essentials
  7. Ultra Black Hair Products
  8. Oriki Group
  9. O’Naturals
  10. YellowSisi
  11. Kemi Lewis
  12. Shea Butter Cottage
  13. Modie Haircare
  14. Namaste Organics
  15. My Nubian Roots
  16. Olori
  17. Midas Naturals
  18. L.O.G Cosmetics
  19. Teas Nature
  20. R & R Luxury
  21. Inner Beautee

Have you tried any? Which products should I try first? Are there any brands you know that should be on this list? Please note- the products should be at least 90% natural.