Its harmattan season here in Nigeria and I live in the north so that means lots of dust and cool dry wind. This weather causes my hair and scalp to be very dry and the dust makes me have to wash my hair more often. As a result, I have added and replaced some steps in my regimen that have helped my hair cope better. I hope it helps yours too.

  1. Conditioner washing– I have never been a fan of conditioner washing but this weather begs for it. The harmattan season dries out natural hair fast so all efforts to obtain and retain moisture must be maximised. Co-washing gently cleanses natural hair without stripping out all the moisture so its a perfect addition to my regimen.
  2. Oiling/Massaging my scalp– Oiling and massaging my scalp with Jojoba oil prevents it from drying out. It also increases blood circulation which in turn aids hair growth. I use jojoba oil because it is the only oil that has a similar composition to the sebum (natural oil), that is produced from our scalp and it absorbs very quickly.
  3. Headwraps/Headscarves– I have taken to wearing headwraps almost everyday of the week now. It could be a silk scarf or an ankara fabric, it all depends on my mood. The main purpose is for it to protect my hair from dust and to prevent the moisture in my hair from drying out too quickly.
  4. Stretched Washdays- All the above steps help me protect and keep my hair healthy but the best part is that, they also help in reducing how often I need to wash my hair. I have written a post on more tips you can use to stretch your wash days here.

Have you taken any measures to protect your hair this season? (Harmattan or Winter) What are they? Share below!