Here in part 3, I discuss how my hair complimented my head wrap (Gele).

If you have not seen how I styled my hair for the wedding then you can view it here.I primarily focused on making sure my hair was set, that is, not to be restyled or have any form of frizz because I knew I would hardly have any time for it during the occasion and I was right. There was literally no time after the opening prayer at the traditional wedding because of the imminence of rain.

So my gele was tied under a few minutes by a lovely lady who noticed my hopeless efforts at manoeuvring the brocade fabric. I was happy as well as relieved as you would see in the pictures below as I have never tied a gele myself for some reason. There has always been a kind soul around to help me for free 😉 but I plan on being a master at it someday.

Note- For those of you who do not know what a gele is, it is a fashionable head-wrap or head-tie that comes in different fabrics such as, brocade, damask and aso-oke. It is the most popular head tie worn predominantly at special occasions by Nigerian women.

img_7344 Headwrap (Gele)
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