How To Get your loved ones to accept your Natural Hair

I put up the above picture of my mum and I on Instagram a few days ago with the following caption;

In my home, everyone went natural after I showed them they could do it. Now, when one of us touches her hair, everyone else follows. 😂 #naturalhair is a now an additional sister, mummy & family bonding time. 😌 and oh, that’s my mums hair by the way! She was showing me how long her hair had grown.

The picture was actually taken when I was about to restyle my hair into the Creative Versatile Updo, when my mum walked in and began to loosen her freshly deep conditioned twists to show me how much her hair had grown. (Her hair had previously been in braids for a month)

However, what I did not expect when I put up this picture was the mixed responses I received. I got messages from people telling me how lucky I was that my family accepted my hair and others saying their family thinks they are crazy for attempting to grow and wear their natural hair. (-__-)

So you can imagine my surprise. I never thought natural hair can be viewed so negatively in 2016, especially since there is a very obvious movement happening.

Sigh, because of this, this post was born.

Let me tell you a bit more about the story of how I actually convinced everyone in my household that natural hair is the best option.

To be honest,it was simple. I just had to show them natural hair is not impossible. Click To Tweet

However, not everyone converted immediately. 

My youngest sister Amaka (the dancer) was the first one on board when I moved back to Nigeria. She saw my curls and immediately stated, ‘I’m not relaxing my hair again’. Then interestingly, my brothers followed.They were eager to know how I got my hair so soft and how I could manage its fullness. (Boys want to know too). You can imagine my excitement.

On the other hand, my mum kept telling me whenever she saw me detangling, “I don’t think I have the patience for natural hair oh”. haha Now, her hair is 2 years natural as you can see in the picture above and you’ll be surprised at how fast she detangles. 😀

I never tried to force anyone to go natural. Click To Tweet

The toughest person I had to convince was my second sister. She had the nerve to even relax her hair in my bathroom. crying face That night I felt totally defeated but you would be surprised to know that, only a few days after, she swore off relaxers when she noticed how limp, damaged and unhealthy her hair looked compared to mine.

Sometimes, you have to allow people to see what's good for them. Click To Tweet


I believe everyone has the right to wear their hair the way they want to. So don’t try to force anyone to go natural. Rather, if anyone of you are having a hard time with your family and/or friends accepting your natural hair, please be patient.

Remember that going natural is more of a mental thing. Click To Tweet

…and some people are easier to convince than others so allow time to prove that you made the right decision.

After all, its taken decades if not centuries for us to finally learn and see the beauty of our hair and we are still a long way off, hence, this post.

So be happy, be confident, love your kinks, coils, curls and soon you’ll be an inspiration for others.


Chinwe Juliet


How did your family and/or friends react when they first saw you with your natural hair? How did you manage to convince them? Share your stories below. You never know, you might be helping someone.