This super easy trick is especially for busy naturals or low manipulation regimens, who either cannot afford to have their hands re-twisting or re-braiding night after night and want to retain length.

Things you’ll need are;

  • Scarf
  • Favorite Hair Spritz (I use Sulphur 8 Medicated braid spray for my scalp  to prevent itching and Taliah Waajid for the length of my hair to keep it moisturised and soft.)

Step 1.

Set your hair in any protective style you want to wear for a week.

Step 2.

Every two or three days pour a little hair spritz into your hair and move the liquid around by moving your head from side to side. This will ensure the hair spritz goes around your scalp to prevent any itching or flaking.

Step 3.

Lightly Spray the length of your hair with a moisturising hair spritz.

Step 4.

Tie your hair down with a scarf. This helps to keep your edges laid, your hair set and prevents moisture loss, allowing your style to stay fresh throughout the week.

Makes sense?

I’m thinking of making a video to demonstrate. Hopefully I can get through one without singing or dancing. Ha!

I hope this helps and have a wonderful hair week lovelies!


Update- a YouTube video for this post can be found below.