How to use FRESH Aloe Vera for Natural Hair


How To use Fresh Aloe Vera for Natural Hair

Aloe Vera has various benefits for hair, health and skin. It is a widely popular plant that has been used for centuries for healing internally and topically. Some of the benefits of Aloe Vera for hair include;

  • Restoring pH balance of the scalp,
  • Cleansing hair by removing dead skin cells with its proteolytic enzymes,
  • Promoting hair growth,
  • Treating Hair Loss and;
  • Moisturising and soothing the scalp to prevent dandruff.


To use fresh aloe vera on natural hair you will need the following:

  1. Aloe Vera (2 leaves should do but you can use less depending on the length of your hair)
  2. Blender
  3. Plastic Container
  4. Cloth Strainer
  5. Knife
  6. Spoon

Step 1.

Cut two leaves of fresh aloe vera from your garden or buy from a grocery store.

img_0040 How to use FRESH Aloe Vera for Natural Hair

 Step 2.

You can either allow the yellow bitter smelling liquid to seep out for 10-15mins or you can quickly cut that part off and rinse your aloe vera under clean water.

img_0043 How to use FRESH Aloe Vera for Natural Hair img_0044 How to use FRESH Aloe Vera for Natural Hair 

Step 3.

After rinsing the plant with clean water, cut the spiky edges off with a sharp knife.

img_0046-e1420728811480 How to use FRESH Aloe Vera for Natural Hair

Step 4.

Cut the top layer of the aloe vera leaf as thinly as possible to avoid cutting the gel within.

img_0049 How to use FRESH Aloe Vera for Natural Hair

Step 5.

Use a spoon to scrape out the gel from the leaf.

img_0051 How to use FRESH Aloe Vera for Natural Hair

Step 6. Blend the gel.

 img_0054 How to use FRESH Aloe Vera for Natural Hairimg_0056 How to use FRESH Aloe Vera for Natural Hair

Step 7. Place a cloth strainer over your container and gently pour your gel into it.

img_0057 How to use FRESH Aloe Vera for Natural Hair

 Step 8. Hold the edges of the strainer and apply pressure to squeeze the gel out without bits.

 img_0060-300x225 How to use FRESH Aloe Vera for Natural Hairimg_0063-300x225 How to use FRESH Aloe Vera for Natural Hair

Step 9, Once done, it should look like this.

img_0066 How to use FRESH Aloe Vera for Natural Hairimg_0068-300x225 How to use FRESH Aloe Vera for Natural Hair

Additional Step

You can put the leftover aloe vera bits inside a spray bottle and fill it with water to use as a daily spritz. Preserve by placing in the fridge.

img_0074 How to use FRESH Aloe Vera for Natural Hairimg_0076 How to use FRESH Aloe Vera for Natural Hairimg_0077 How to use FRESH Aloe Vera for Natural Hair

To Detangle/Comb

Apply the aloe gel directly from scalp to ends making sure your strands are well coated. Follow with fingers, comb or use a denman brush and your shed hair will simply glide out.

dsc_9784-1024x685 How to use FRESH Aloe Vera for Natural Hair


To shampoo

Massage the aloe vera gel into your scalp to lift away any dead skin cells and rinse thoroughly. You’ll be left with a clean scalp.

img_0163 How to use FRESH Aloe Vera for Natural Hair

To Condition

Leave in the aloe vera for 15-30mins under a shower cap like any other regular conditioner and your results will be soft, supple hair.


  • You can use stockings or a pantyhose as a substitute for the cloth strainer. The aim is to use a strainer with the smallest of holes to prevent the bits that can get stuck in your hair from passing into the gel.
  • Use a blender not a food processor. If you make the mistake of using a food processor like I did, some of the gel may end up leaking through the gap in the middle of the processor.
  • Filtering the gel from the bits is the most important step. If not done properly, you may end up with aloe vera bits on your hair. Trust me, I know what that looks like. 


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  1. Lovely tip.
    I have loads of aloe vera plants around me that i can use.
    Please does the specie matter as there are lot of different ones.

    1. Thank you. Yes the species does matter. I have researched a bit and it seems that, out of the 240 or so different species of aloe vera, only four have been found to have nutritional value to humans. The top on the list is Aloe barbadensis miller and thats the one I used in this post. Its the most popular aloe specie used in cosmetics and I hope you have it around you.

  2. Hi, my neighbourhood we have a stack load of aloe growing like weed! I noticed that after a couple of days the Aloe changes color. Is it still safe to use? I only make a small batch (half a leaf) but i can’t use all of it in that short time span.

    1. Hi Gugu, I find that wrapping my aloe leaf with cling film before placing it in my fridge helps to retain it for a few days. However, if you have an already blended aloe Vera gel, adding vitamin E before storing it in the fridge will help as well.

    1. There’s no need to shampoo after the aloe vera because aloe vera already has natural cleansing qualities. In other words, your hair should already be clean after you use the aloe vera.

  3. Ewww, I didn’t know that aloe leaves had a yucky-smelling yellow liquid! Haha. Chinwe, do you prefer using fresh aloe vera gel to the store-bought gel?

    IG: maghairng

  4. My baby girl’s hair keeps falling off nd her edges jus wont grow. I hope this helps. Shes only a year and half old

    1. Hi Hibba!
      If she’s only a year and a half don’t worry. He hair will begin to fill out as she gets older. (When she’s 3years) However, if this does not happen, we would develop a Regimen for her.

  5. Thanks chinwe, I tried it today as a conditioner and did a great job on my hair…it felt really soft and there were no tangles at all after loosening my braids.

  6. Hello, I just started using fresh aloe vera. I tried the store bought before but it turned my hair hard. I love the way it felt when I was finished. I blended a small leaf with honey and coconut oil . My hair is dry, thin and breaks. It also comes out from the root with a bulb on the end. How can I use aloe vera as a everyday moisturizer? I am natural and have 4b kinky hair. The breakage and the coming out from the root bothers me, and my edges are thin from processing and weave. Please help.

    1. Hi Christie!

      I’m more concerned about what you mean by your hair coming out from the root. Do you know the difference between shed hair and breakage? Does your hair come out in large clumps? Do you have any medial condition or have you fallen ill recently? I can’t help you much until I have more information.

      Looking forward to your reply.

      1. Hello and thank you for replying. I believe I know the difference with shedding hair. Its not in clumps. When I exam the strand(s), on the end of some of them, there seems to be a bulb or something. I don’t find it on my pillow or anything its when I comb thru it. Instead of breaking off it has a hard bulb on the end, which makes me think it is coming out from the root/ and it hurts. I only have issues with digestion and blood circulation. It seems getting and maintaining moisture is one of my issues. With my hair being thin I try not to use anything heavy. Also I said I have a 4B hair type. Not sure if that is right. I have tightly coiled, dull looking hair. Shrinkage is alot. Stretched (no chemicals just pulling the curl down naturally) my hair comes slightly past my shoulder but it shrinks to just below my nape like 80%.


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