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How are you all doing? Great, I hope.

I have a couple of special and important announcements that I may not have announced on here.

As some of you may know, this blog was created to educate and possibly eradicate the ignorance surrounding Natural Hair Care and it has grown thanks to you all that keep reading, sharing and above all learning. The important announcements in this post highlight the progress I have made, through this blog.

Igbocurls Natural Hair App


Only through the special grace of God, I have a Natural Hair App called ‘Igbocurls’ that is currently available on Andriod Devices and can be downloaded through Google PlayStore. It will also be available to Apple iPhone’s in a couple of days so I am overjoyed for all the support you all have shown me in my efforts to teach you about caring for our beautiful natural hair in a very simple way.

You will all continue to receive daily updates and I would love your feedback and suggestions on ways the ‘Igbocurls Natural Hair App’ can be better.



I became a student of the International Association of Trichologists (IAT) in Australia 3 months ago! Trichology is the study of the science of hair and scalp. In other words, I’ll be able to treat cases of alopecia and more scalp conditions by the time I’m through.  It is a distance learning program so I’m juggling work and studying at the same time. I also plan on completing this program in a year and a half by the grace of God and I will let you all know more as I learn.


Sometime in March, I began offering natural hair consultation services and the reception has been great so far. My office is in Kaduna, Nigeria and is within my main office (If that makes sense). You can contact me using the contact form below to schedule an appointment. Students get a half price discount!

Online Store


My online store launched a month ago and I am extremely happy for all the support you all have shown me. This online store was created to bring natural hair products and brands that I have tried and tested in one place. I always get asked about the products I use and  where I get them from so it is a fantastic option for people within Nigeria. Deliveries to other countries are possible but you will have to email me at for more information. Also, more Made in Nigeria brands will gradually be added as time goes on!



A few months ago, I was invited to Zamani College in Kaduna to speak to the students on my Career choice. This was my first time speaking to young people about my career and it felt soooo good. Simply showing them that there is nothing wrong in chasing after your positive dream even though it may be unorthodox inspired a number of them and that was all I needed. I have also been speaking at some natural hair events on natural hair care and styling too and that has been great. I hope to speak at more schools soon because educating young people is something I love to do.

Mentor Program

workplace-1246677_1280-1024x682 IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENTS

I developed a Mentor Program for people who want me to coach them on their natural hair journey. I intended  to take 4 people per month but now I have to reduce it to 2 simply  because it is an intensive program and takes up time from my tight schedule. Please use the contact form below to send me an email if you are really interested.

This Program is NOT free because it is a service that I tend to give my time and put a lot of effort into so please only email me if you are really serious.

A’Akuba Naturals Hair & Jewellery Line


IMG_27131-e1473697005912-768x1024 IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENTS

I own a company called A’Akuba Naturals and you may have seen the name somewhere on social media as well as seen a sample of my hair accessories in my YouTube Video below. More details on this in the near future…


…and that’s it for now. I know this is a long post but thank you for taking your time to read it to find out how you can support or stalk my work. Either way, I appreciate it! Don’t forget to share on your social media pages and through word of mouth.

May God bless you all!


Chinwe Juliet

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