Vmuhr0 Introducing- FROQueens
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Happy December Loves! As God has allowed us to see the last month of this year, I pray that we all shall be celebrating together on new years. In Jesus name. (Amen).

After months of deliberation, I chose the name FROQueens and designed the logo myself. 

What is FROQueens?

FROQueens is a platform under the brand Igbocurls which focuses on the natural hair community, natural beauty businesses, natural hair events and advertising.

 The idea of FroQueens came about out of the necessity to create a space to integrate you all who have supported me so far since I started this blog. 

Who is a FROQueen?

A FROQueen(king) is an individual that stands out from the crowd. They are focused and built in style and confidence.

To be a guest or featured beauty business you can email Chinwe Juliet at Igbocurls@gmail.com. 

Please note that, FROQueens has its own page in between  Basics/Videos and Hairstyles and it’s only seperate social media page is on Instagram

Thank you all for your continued support. 


Chinwe Juliet of Igbocurls.