I am certainly sure that I am not the only natural who misses her hair when it’s in a protective style. What’s funny about this topic is that, when my hair is NOT in a protective style I would wish it was. Go figureI usually keep in any form of protective style for a maximum of 8 weeks and it has already been 4 weeks since I installed my box braids. Now, I am considering taking them out early just because I am missing my hair. 

I miss all the different hairstyles I could be trying out. Sometimes I feel Pinterest and Instagram wait till I have in a protective style before they begin to upload thousands of pretty hairstyles. Sigh*. Life is not fair.

I miss wearing my hair out to events. Showing my hair off has been the best way to strike up conversations about natural hair with strangers. Just having my hair out in full display is all the evidence I need to encourage skeptics to try growing out their hair and it always works.

I miss trying out new products immediately I purchase them. I am a self-confessed hair product junkie and having my hair in a protective style limits how many products I can try out.

Finally, don’t judge me, I miss taking pictures of my hair.