I bought my Monoi Oil from the Anita Grant website and this stuff smells luxurious!

It is made from soaking the petals of Tahitian flowers into semi solid coconut oil and this process is said to have existed for 2000 years and secretly passed on from Mother to Child by the Polynesians. Monoi Oil has all the benefits of coconut oil and can be used on hair and body.

I use this oil as a sealant after I apply a hair butter or moisturizer, and it adds a lot of shine and helps repair and protect my hair.

However, this oil maybe a nuisance for those that are sensitive to smell. The scent of Monoi Oil lingers on your hair for hours after application so if you are not big on walking around with perfumed hair conflicting with your body perfume then opt for another oil.

Otherwise, I like the smell, glossy finish and the added benefits this oil gives to my hair.