According to an article on the Fitzwilliam Museum website, the afro comb is about 6,000 years old. They have been designed in different shapes and sizes through the years but have maintained the same unique teeth design.Due to this, the afro comb is regarded as more than a hair tool because it is well rooted and integrated in black culture and heritage.

The afro comb can be used for;-

  1. Comb-outs
  2. Stretching curls
  3. Detangling and
  4. Picking Fros to achieve a voluminous and elegant finish.

It is a staple hair tool that every natural haired male or female should own.

afro-comb Afro Comb- The Essential Hair Tool

Afro combs through the ages.

. afrocombs2 Afro Comb- The Essential Hair Tool