This happened on Sunday immediately I walked into a Pharmacy…

Lady behind the counter: “Is that your hair?” She asked wide eyed.
Me: Yes (smiling).
LBC:   With both curiosity and slight concern in her tone she throws another question. “But how do you comb it? Is it not painful?
Me:   Still maintaining the smile on my face, “No it’s not. I have learnt how to take care of it. (pause) It’s the opposite of relaxed hair. You comb natural hair from ends to roots.
LBC: (Confused)
Me:   “Where can I find Dettol Soap please?” The reason I was in the pharmacy in the first place. 
LBC: Walks slowly while keeping an eye on my hair.
          As she comes closer to me, she says matter of factly, “Please go and put a relaxer on it jor.”
Me: In total shock, (I nevah experred it). “God Forbid!”
LBC:   Slightly taken aback she says, “you won’t?” Silence. Then in a lower voice she says, “but your hair is fine sha.”
At this point, someone walks into the pharmacy and she gets distracted. I use the opportunity to grab the two bars of Dettol Soap I came in for, ask for the price, pay and before I leave, I give her an encouraging smile and say “thank you, bye!”
Lesson learnt– Natural hair has psychologically been associated with pain so I need to work on better ways to get women to stop viewing it that way.