Product Review – Brazen Curls & Midas Naturals

Product Review – Brazen Curls & Midas Naturals

Hi, lovelies!

Today, I am bringing to you my first Skin and Hair Product Review from Nigeria’s very own beauty brand Founded by Somi Igbene. She has 2 beauty brands namely Brazen Curls and Midas Naturals. Brazen Curls is a parent company to Midas Naturals which is a beauty and wellness company that provides natural/organic hair and skin care products. They also provide insights and tips based on scientific evidence to optimize health via nutrition. 

I received the following products on the 29th of April 2016

  1. Midas Naturals Papaya Radiance Shower Gel 100ml
  2. Midas Naturals Papaya Radiance Body Butter 50ml
  3. Brazen Curls Avocado & Banana Detangling Co-wash 200ml


IMG_21181-685x1024 Product Review - Brazen Curls & Midas Naturals
Midas Naturals Papaya Radiance Shower Gel 100ml


Midas Naturals Papaya Radiance Shower Gel 100ml

This product was first used on the 6th of May 2016 with a shower sponge and subsequently with bath exfoliating gloves. This product approximately lasted for about 10 washes.

Pros- This shower gel has a mild pleasant smell which does not linger after wash. (Personally, I like that because I am very sensitive to smell).

  • The gel comes out of the container with ease and leaves my skin feeling soft and well cleansed after use.
  • It’s the perfect size for travelling and the gel does not leak out of the bottle when closed.

Points worth noting –

  • When using a shower sponge, more shower gel is needed to work up a lather (we spoke about this 🙂 ) but when using exfoliating gloves, the gel *activates* quicker.
  • It says on the label that the shower gel exfoliates the skin, I did not quite notice that, but I am also considering it’s due to the fact that, I always used a sponge while using it.
  • The label is also very faint. I can barely read or see what is written on it clearly and overtime, the print begins to fade.


IMG_21211-1024x685 Product Review - Brazen Curls & Midas Naturals
Midas Naturals Papaya Radiance Body Butter 50ml

Midas Naturals Papaya Radiance Body Butter 50ml

This product was also first used on the 6th of May 2016 right after Midas Naturals Papaya Radiance Shower Gel. It’s 50ml container lasts for about 2 weeks if used only during the day or only at night.

My skin type is both dry and very sensitive.

Pros- A little certainly goes a long way with this Body Butter.

  • Unlike most body butters in the market, this product is non sticky, non greasy and non oily.

  • It absorbs very quickly and leaves your skin feeling soft and hydrated.

  • It has a mild scent just like the shower gel above and does not over power your perfume.

  • It is also the perfect size for travelling!

Points worth noting –

  • If a lot is used, you might see your skin look a tad white and you’ll have to rub it in.

  • Also, since this product absorbs super fast, it does not spread easily.


IMG_21171-1024x685 Product Review - Brazen Curls & Midas Naturals
Midas Naturals Papaya Radiance Body Butter 50ml


IMG_21191-576x1024 Product Review - Brazen Curls & Midas Naturals
Sorry I finished it before I remembered to take a picture.


Brazen Curls Avocado & Banana Detangling Co-wash 200ml

Spoiler! This is my absolute favourite! 😀

I first used this Co-wash as a deep conditioner on the 26th of May 2016. The second time, I used it to detangle, co-wash and deep condition all in one. With the length and thickness of my hair, the tub only lasted for 2 washes. 🙁

Pros- This product eases through tangles within minutes. (Literally) The second time I used it, I was done detangling after one hour! See pictures attached.

  • It completely softens and conditions my hair well.

  • It also (surprisingly), cleansed my hair very well. I hardly co-wash because products I’ve used in the past don’t actually cleanse my hair properly so you can imagine my surprise when I saw a clean scalp even after using a styling gel!

  • I love how the product feels and the smell is great too.

The only point worth noting is that the tub isn’t big enough. 🙁 I would definitely love this in a bigger size.

**Updated note: There is a bigger size coming soon! SO excited!

IMG_21201-576x1024 Product Review - Brazen Curls & Midas Naturals
Was done detangling in 1 hour.

In case you are wondering why I don’t have an after picture showing when I rinsed out the conditioner, it’s because I made a video immediately after. You can find what my hair looked like before styling in the video below.

You can find Midas Naturals and Brazen Curls via this website

You can find their physical store at S10B, The Shoppes, Market Road, Oniru, Victoria Island, Nigeria.

Telephone No- +2348164400004


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  1. Hello julliet. my name’s Nadia. I just found your page on instagram and I followed the link on your page. I actually still perm my hair. my greatest fear of leaving my natural hair is that it’s too strong and hard to manage. One time , my comb broke while combing it. It gets really tough and perming is like my only grace. again , I’ve always had the belief that if you have a short hair , there’s nothing you can do to make it better. I’m really amazed at your transition. I must say that I’m really inspired to try to work it out. I know I can’t do it without your advice. I’d really like you to advise me. Do I cut my hair and start afresh or not?? but even if I start now , how do I manage the strength of my hair? Please julliet. another thing I admire is your sincererity and honestly with the products you use. a lot of people would have kept it to themselves though. Thank you for involving us with you experience. looking forward to getting feedback. have a lovely day. ☺

    1. Hi, Nadia!

      I honestly understand your fear of having hard hair but you don’t need to worry about that at all. There are products specifically made with natural hair in mind. These products help you soften and maintain your hair so you don’t need to be worried. You will also need to learn how to take care of natural hair as well. Since our hair is naturally curly, we comb it from the tips to the roots, basically the opposite way of combing relaxed hair. I can’t wait to launch my App now. It will be so useful to you.

    2. Cutting your relaxed hair completely or choosing to allow your natural hair to grow out while trimming your relaxed hair slowly (it’s called transitioning) is a personal choice. I can’t make that decision for you. Read these posts to have an idea of where to begin and also look through the products in the store to also have idea.


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