Whenever I speak about my regimen I always state that I wash my hair in twists and I have found that some naturals are against this idea because they assume that this method of cleansing prohibits the hair from being washed and conditioned properly. I beg to differ, so I have written down my own list of pros and cons (from my experience) of washing hair in twists.


  1. Accessible Scalp– Sectioning your hair in at least ten jumbo twists will allow direct access to the scalp that requires cleansing.
  2. Tangles & Single Strand Knots– Since the year I started washing my hair in twists, I have noticed a reduction in the amount of SSK’s and tangles in my hair. The simple fact that the hair is clumped together in a twist prevents any chances of loose hair wrapping around itself or other hairs.
  3. Volume of hair– I never knew I could grow my hair as long as it is now, let alone have this much volume come naturally so it got to a point where my hands became too small to deal with four large sections. Twists help me in dealing with having so many strands of hair on my head.
  4. Easy Styling– When I am done shampooing and conditioning, the parts I created from the twists make it easier for me to either braid, retwist, band or thread my hair. No need to spend more time sectioning or finger parting again.
  5. Shrinkage– Your hair would not shrink as much as it would if you wash your hair in twists. As you would see in the picture below after loosening my twists. Which natural wouldn’t want that?




  1. Residue– Conditioner residue may hide in between twists depending on how big they are. So extra effort needs to be taken to make sure all or most of the conditioner is rinsed out from the roots of the twists.
  2. New Products You may not be able to see how your hair reacts to new products as it is all clumped together in twists.
  3. Unravelling Twists The weight of water may unravel your twists during washing if they are too big or not twisted properly.

I am fully aware every natural has what works for them and that’s the beauty of our hair so instead of putting down other methods, try them first and see how they work for you. 

Do you have any thoughts or comments? Feel free to leave them below.

Stay Blessed!