I bought two packs of Snap-Around hair rollers when I went on holiday last year.

Each pack cost me .99p and had 10 rollers inside.

I prepped my hair by shampooing with Lush Jumping Juniper, deep conditioned with a mix of Mill Creek Biotin Conditioner and Body Shop Banana Conditioner.Then followed with an ACV rinse, Kinky Curly Knot Today Leave-in Conditioner and a heavy moisturiser. Bad idea. I shouldn’t have added the moisturiser because my hair refused to absorb it.

I kept trying to roll up my hair, but it kept getting stuck between the rollers! So after several futile attempts, I settled with installing flexi rods as can be seen above. I took down the flexi-rods and the couple of rollers that stayed on my hair the next day, and my hair was still slightly damp. On the plus side, I liked the volume from the damp hair and although my curls didn’t set, I learnt a lesson. NEVER buy rollers with ‘teeth’ or large gaps in between, they will only pull my strands and get stuck in my hair.