Hi! lovelies!

I’m back with another hairstyle tutorial for you all. This one is a very simple elegant twisted updo that can be achieved on medium to long natural hair. The texture and thickness of your hair will cause this style to look different but it won’t depreciate its beauty so don’t fret about that.

In the video, my hair was stretched from a two weeks old protective style and its not detangled at all so you don’t need fully detangle or blow-out your hair to achieve this Simple Twisted Updo.

Also, if you may not have the data to watch the video, I have outlined the steps below.

Hair Tools needed: Non-metal elastic hair bands & Bobby pins

Products used: None


  1. Section and clip away your front hair and a little of your hair on the side.
  2. Then slowly use your fingers to part your hair at the back into four parts. It doesn’t have to be equal and your parts don’t necessarily need to be neat.
  3. Next, secure each of the four parts with a non-metal hair bands.
  4. Twist each section securely,
  5. then gently pull each twist to make it bigger/thicker looking. If you pull on your twists aggressively, you’ll end up with a large knot so be gentle.
  6.  Once you are satisfied with the result, take each twist and Bobby pin or tuck it into the twist next to it. You are free to play around with it until you achieve your desired look.
  7. Once done, take the little hair you left at your side and repeat steps 4-6.
  8. Your hair should look like this:


You see, simple but elegant! 🙂

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