How To Stretch Natural Hair Without Heat – Braid ...

I always get asked how I stretch natural hair without heat so I started a series on my YouTube Channel  to show you all the different ways I do so. I plan on making my Keep Reading

Conditioner Washing aka Co-washing

Basics for Men and Women to acheive Healthy Hair Some men aren’t familiar with the term co-washing, it simply  means washing your hair with a conditioner.  Light conditioners are usually formulated with cleansing properties, therefore, hair Keep Reading

Easy Regimen for Men (or Women) to Grow and Maintain an...

Most guys I know cannot be bothered about pre-poo, leave in conditioners and what not. They just want their hair looking good without having to bother so much. So, I have thought of a simple Keep Reading

Hair Highlights of 2014

This is my 100th post and we are almost at the end of 2014 people! Time flies! Each and every one of us have had our fair share of trials and temptations this year but Keep Reading

At Home Hair Spa

I decided to give my hair a spa treatment last weekend so I created ample time, gathered some of my luxury products and indulged. Products used: Ojon Restorative Hair Mask (To pre-poo) Dead Sea Spa Keep Reading

Adorkable Affiliation

This month on Natural Hair in art, I bring to you Adorkable Affiliation. According to the bio on the website, Adorkable Affiliation is run by Tawana. Her drawings are a treat to see and her Keep Reading

Dinner Date with Natural Hair

If you have read my African Threading post, you will see that I combed out my hair. This dinner date took place two days after and I wanted to do something different without having to wash my Keep Reading

Headwrap (Gele)

Here in part 3, I discuss how my hair complimented my head wrap (Gele). If you have not seen how I styled my hair for the wedding then you can view it here.I primarily focused on Keep Reading

Anita Grant – Monoi de Tahiti

  I bought my Monoi Oil from the Anita Grant website and this stuff smells luxurious! It is made from soaking the petals of Tahitian flowers into semi solid coconut oil and this process is Keep Reading


For those of you who may not know, NYSC in Nigeria stands for Nigeria Youth Service Corps. It is a year of service to the country that can be undertaken after a first degree. Mine Keep Reading