How To Stretch Natural Hair Without Heat – Braid ...

I always get asked how I stretch natural hair without heat so I started a series on my YouTube Channel  to show you all the different ways I do so. I plan on making my Keep Reading

Twining with Natural Hair #nationalsiblingday

Following my post yesterday about how to get your loved ones to accept your natural hair, I have decided to write more posts about styles and regimens that include my siblings, as a way to encourage Keep Reading

Hairstyle for the Week- French Roll and Side Swoop

Hi beautiful people! I’ve been playing around with my hair a lot lately and I daresay, way more than I have in the past three years. So far, its been fun coming up and wearing new Keep Reading

How to Maintain/Moisturise your Natural Hair in a Prote...

My first blog and YouTube video *squealing in excitement*. I tried to be as direct as possible without blabbing, dancing or singing (phew) so I hope you see past the other faults and get the Keep Reading

Snail-Shell Fringe

I wore this fringe idea a couple of days ago when I was bored with the usual side swoop. This snail-shell looking fringe is a good style variation for those who would like to add Keep Reading

My Top 10 Natural Hairstyles for the Holidays

Looking for ways to style your natural hair this party season? Well, search no more.

Belle Saturdays

Another Saturday, another wedding. Is it just me that thinks there’s an alarming rate of people getting married in Nigeria every weekend? Hmm…no wonder wedding planners are making so much money. Anyway, this week I Keep Reading

Belle Saturdays

I completely forgot I had a wedding to attend today with my parents and when my dad finally reminded me, it was a tad too late. I had put my hair in mini braids in Keep Reading

Jazz up your High Bun

    If you’re tired of the same look with your high bun, why not try adding a colourful ribbon or a bow-tie of your choice to achieve a pretty difference. 😉      


For those of you who may not know, NYSC in Nigeria stands for Nigeria Youth Service Corps. It is a year of service to the country that can be undertaken after a first degree. Mine Keep Reading