How To Stretch Natural Hair Without Heat – Braid ...

I always get asked how I stretch natural hair without heat so I started a series on my YouTube Channel  to show you all the different ways I do so. I plan on making my Keep Reading

I’m Back !! + African Hair Summit 2016

As some of you may have correctly noticed, my blog crashed last week. (Sigh, I know) but we are back up and running now and I can’t wait to share loads more with you all. Keep Reading

Two Butterflies Hairstyle

I came up with this ‘Two Butterflies’ hairstyle sometime in July. I was inspired by a nice tuck and roll picture I found on Instagram and later one night I thought of butterflies…

The Fro is Free! : D

Instagram saw it first now here they are! My obstinate girlfriend is back and she looks bigger and more fierce. In the coming weeks she will be styled and be your awesome critic to all Keep Reading

My Sisters Fro’

My sister took out her weave and look at what was underneath. gasp* Her fro is so lovely. 🙂