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There is no such thing as ‘BAD Hair’. Only poorly treated hair. You and your hair will not achieve your growth potential if you don’t seek the right information and knowledge and act on it. Keep Reading

Hairstyle Inspiration for Dancers with Natural Hair

Hi beautiful ones! Today I have decided to share with you a hairstyle idea for dancers like my sister. She wore her hair like this for a performance late last year and she rocked it! Keep Reading


I had to represent my parents at my brothers graduation last week Saturday so I was given an ‘anko’  to sew and wear for the occasion. Thankfully, my last-minute tailor did a good job with Keep Reading

Belle Saturdays

Another Saturday, another wedding. Is it just me that thinks there’s an alarming rate of people getting married in Nigeria every weekend? Hmm…no wonder wedding planners are making so much money. Anyway, this week I Keep Reading

Belle Saturdays

I completely forgot I had a wedding to attend today with my parents and when my dad finally reminded me, it was a tad too late. I had put my hair in mini braids in Keep Reading

Marie Claire (The Swank)

I found this hairstyle inspiration from the work hair section of Marie Claire Magazine, so I thought to myself, ‘hmm…this is cute, why not give it a try’ and I got this!   **Please note Keep Reading